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Nothing cool, but I still hope you will enjoy my work~ ^^


.:MMD Request 5:. Romantic Night by EliseTheLamby .:MMD Request 5:. Romantic Night :iconelisethelamby:EliseTheLamby 5 3 .:MMD Request 4:. Last kiss by EliseTheLamby .:MMD Request 4:. Last kiss :iconelisethelamby:EliseTheLamby 5 6 Request: Beach time by luyna Request: Beach time :iconluyna:luyna 6 5 Request: Date night by luyna Request: Date night :iconluyna:luyna 6 2 Request: A End of fun night by luyna Request: A End of fun night :iconluyna:luyna 5 2 [Genderbend!Harley Quinn] WIP 2 by Tsukishojo [Genderbend!Harley Quinn] WIP 2 :icontsukishojo:Tsukishojo 1 0 [Genderbend!Harley Quinn] WIP 1 by Tsukishojo [Genderbend!Harley Quinn] WIP 1 :icontsukishojo:Tsukishojo 1 0 Anywhere with you feels right by Marry0 Anywhere with you feels right :iconmarry0:Marry0 33 3 Art Summary by Dorothye Art Summary :icondorothye:Dorothye 10 2 I love that voice of yours by Marry0 I love that voice of yours :iconmarry0:Marry0 34 8 Ultimate Supreme Gay by Chaseisthefire Ultimate Supreme Gay :iconchaseisthefire:Chaseisthefire 15 11 Softness by Pastel--Galaxies Softness :iconpastel--galaxies:Pastel--Galaxies 42 6 Kirumi by Pastel--Galaxies Kirumi :iconpastel--galaxies:Pastel--Galaxies 36 3 Feelings by Pastel--Galaxies Feelings :iconpastel--galaxies:Pastel--Galaxies 46 7 Inventor by Pastel--Galaxies Inventor :iconpastel--galaxies:Pastel--Galaxies 36 3 Pomlazka by Rose-of-Bohemia Pomlazka :iconrose-of-bohemia:Rose-of-Bohemia 14 2



when he cute and likes your hamsters
Just go for him Gundham indeed 

(i ship this so hard pls save me)


models: 紅蓮夜叉, ゆーこ, 麦雲, SMK
stage: kaahgome converted from 3dcg
effects: AnimeScreenTex_v1.0, ExcellentShadow2, HgSAO_v002, G_Shader_Ver2.11, ikclut_ex_cp, ikclut_ex_g, o_SelfOverlay_v0_6
Request 12 - Strolling
Requested by :iconiggyalfi2319: <3 (ok i am really sorry this is like super late but i totally forgot about this request ;;; sorryyyyyy)

with this i am done with requests for some time ahahah
but damn i made pic in MMD after a looooooooong time ahaha

models: roco
stage: シロ
effects: AnimeScreenTex_v1.0, HgSAO_v002, PowerDOF_v005, G_Shader_Ver2.11, ikClut_ex_fj, ikclut_ex_cp, ikclut_ex_nv

wow i posted something wowowowowowow
sorry for inactivity but ummmmmmm i wanna die ye
Tagged by :iconkumarry: Thank you! ovo

1. You must list ten different favorite characters from ten different fandoms
2. Tag 10 people who must do the same.


1. - [ Icon #11 ] Tsumiki Mikan . MIKAN TSUMIKIIIIIIII from DABganronpa. It was hard to choose only one from DR bc DAMN THEY ARE ALL MY CHILDREN???? I LOVE EVERYONE???? But Tsumiki is maybe the most fav one ahahah- no idk I love everyone there hHHHHHH KILL ME

2. 63 yas dadDY YAASSSS no ok sorry, Shiro from Voltron (I just started with Voltron and KLANCE IS MY LIFE) but again I LOVE EVERYONE

3. B E T T E R  T H A N  Y O U  DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN DANIEL. Daniel from Camp Camp MY FUCKING HUSBAND wait no. AGAIN IT WAS SO HARD BC EVERYONE IS SO FUCKING ADORABLE, DAVID, MAX, NIKKI, NERRIS, HARRISON, PRESTON, SPACE KID. IT'S SO HARD TO SAY JUST ONE. but then again here comes my undying love for blond, blue-eyed crazy cultist ahahah (also I ship him HARD with David kill me)

4. (there is no emoticon for Joseph I cri)… Joseph Christiansen the daddy of my dreams (goddamn it is it me or am i being too cringy today?) see? I told you i have have weird fav type of guys hahahaha bUT IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH ME THAT JOSEPH IS DANIEL AFTER 10 YERS WHO CHANGED HIS NAME BC OF FBI LOOKING FOR HIM THEN DON'T TALK TO ME. Daniel-is-actually-Joseph-but-after-10-years AU is one of my best ones actually ahahaha. i love my life

5. Blah blah blah Sam's sUPERNATURAL hair from sUPErNATURAELJKFBDKJSB idk anymore pls send help guys. j k jk I guess it's sam but if I had to say the most fav from supernatural i would say MR. SWEET RELEASE OF DEATH. ok pls don't judge me i am normal i sWEAR

6. Hooley Dooley no ok Junkrat Emoticon 1  IT'S MA BOI JUNKRAT from Overwatch. Damn I really have weird taste in men.

7. WATGBS - Sal icon 3 the trashcan from WATGBS

8. Hue Hue Hue (Blackhat or Black Hat emoticon) Black Gay Hat from Villainous. HE IS MY EVIL DADDY.....why am i like this. 

9. Petra Ral (Happy) [V3] PETRA FROM ATTACK ON TITAN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I live for Rivetra fight me

10. gaster icon - Gaster's stare | undertale Gaster from Undertale....i have nothing funny to say

I would gladly say more but HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i can't 


1. :iconmelounya:
2. :iconbequeme:
3. :iconangelbunnymiki:
4. :iconluyna:
5. :iconrozebell:
6. :iconsweetkandi:
7. :iconeddieveneziano:
8. :iconnibbles7192: (yOU NEED TO DO THIS I WANNA SEE YOURS)
9. :iconellenwitch:

I don't know who else to tag rip me.


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very despairful stamp by Neezuneko very despairful stamp by Neezuneko very despairful stamp by Neezuneko very despairful stamp by Neezuneko very despairful stamp by Neezuneko very despairful stamp by Neezuneko

Čus! 8D I am Tereza the multishiper! (really I am warning you all, I have no shame, I ship everyone with everythingone
I am not really active here because I have a lot of school work, but I will sometimes try to post something :')
I am mostly working with MMD or I am making AMVs 8D

I hope you'll enjoy my work 8D


YEP by Old-Shuck .:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo Oops I'm sad again (Stamp) by ELLlOTT I am not who I used to be (Stamp) by ELLlOTT Professional Crybaby (Stamp) by ELLlOTT 100% Trash Stamp by NamelessFeline
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:iconmelounya: x :iconczechtoast: x :iconweirdnikifrog: ♥ (love you girls!)


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